Mahnaz Afshar, Iranian Actress Biography

Mahnaz Afshar, one year after the revelousion was born in Tehran in 21 Khordad 1978.

She did not mental issue to be an actress till high school. graduated in natural science field and slowly make sense about the cinema world. went to non-proficianal institute to learn editing for cinema. and the next step was registering to Hamid Samandarian courses for performance.

Mahnaz Afshar, Behind the Scene
Mahnaz Afshar, Behind the Scene

being as a student of Hamid Samandarian make him familiar to cinema atmosphere. one year after election which is make Mohammad Khatami to president, Cinema in my country was a bit more free from the previous era. Mahnaz Afshar was in the cast of a TV series, named Gomshode (Lost). after that , she was being and acting in a movie named Doostan, which is inspired by F.R.I.E.N.D famous satcom.  (Directed by Ali Shah Hatami)

Mahnaz Afshar was in the first walks of public figure’s worlds. now was the time of Shoore Eshgh (pation of Love) which is not good for his workbook. but was more useful to be more famous.

Mahnaz Afshar & Liana
Mahnaz Afshar and Liana, The Child of Mahnaz & Yasin

Golden Barberry, Negative Publicity for Mahnaz Afshar?

just the years without presence of Googoosh. Googoosh is exiled celebrity of Iran. 

in Cinema & Music of my homeland, when this superstar leave to northern states of America, Mahnaz Afshar was in the focus cause the similar face of Googoosh.

Mahnaz in the next years, acted in the movie named Amoozegar (Teacher) in Tajikistan directed by Naser Seyed-ov.

Mahnaz Afshar, Controversial Marriage with a Rch Kids of the Domestic Politic

She has a news bomb in gossip newspapers. married to Yasim Ramin, son of the Mohammadali Ramin, most fundamental political man of AhmadiNezhad’s Team. Mohammad Ali Ramin was the assistant of Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad in Islamic Art ministry. Yasin, graduated in international rights but who was in the islamic ceremony of wedding? Mohammad Khatami, ex-president from the other side of the politic.

Yasin Ramin & Liana Ramin
Yasin Ramin & Liana Ramin

Susan Safaroodi, mother of Yasin, and Wife of Mohammad Ali Ramin sad to newspapers that they did not any news about the wedding until the yesterday of the wedding day. Mohammadali said just had few advice to his son and they have not right to  interference about the life privacy. he decided to not being in the wedding night party.

is Mahnaz Afshar’s Husband, the Economic corruptor ?

Saham News, a islamic opposition, wrote about Ramin that he imported dirty milk powder and is in charge in the domestic courts. he interviewed with Rooz Online magazine, and ask the courts to verify or not. this controversy effected Mahnaz Afshar’s Brand.

Mahnaz Afshar Dowry, New Controversy 


new controversy started by Marzieh Boroumand, a child friend director of Islamic TV of Iran. She claim that Mahnaz Afshar contracted with Yasin Ramin for Wedding with 22 Billion Tomans (Local Currency. Yasin & Mahnaz frankly condemned this claim.

Mahnaz Afshar (Left) - Yasin Ramin (Right)
Mahnaz Afshar (Left) – Yasin Ramin (Right)

Liana Ramin, Their Pation of Live

Liana was born in 2015, she was the first newborn who is famous from the Embryo Time of Life. Mahnaz Afshar, was dare to being on the covers as a pregnant celebrity.

Is Mahnaz Afshar, Reformist? has she Political view ?

Mahnaz Afshar Portrait
Mahnaz Afshar Portrait

she was reformist’s fans in the past years but she did not participate the last elections. she is not supporter of the reformists and administration now and is Sympathetic person with ordinary peoples who want to live normally in country with good relationship with world. she is supporter of women, who want to be free and spokesman of the campaign which is trying to make child’s situation better.


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