Farah Diba Childhood Photo with Her Mother Farideh Diba

Farideh Diba & Farah Diba (Farah Pahlavi)
Farideh Diba & Farah Diba (Farah Pahlavi)

Farah Pahlavi (Diba) was the queen of Iran, last wife of Mohammadreza Pahlavi.
She Was born in 22 Mehr 1317 (1938) in Tehran, Shemiranat, north of Capital.
She went to Paris as a teenager to studing architecture and met the King for the first time there.
In this photo, Farideh Diba, Farah’s Mother is posed aside the Farah, the kid in left.

Farideh Diba, Farah’s Mother was a vidow and alone, they were living with Reza Ghotbi, the Farah’s cousin and came to Capital for years. Farideh has religius beliving but it doesn’t apear in Farah mind.

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